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Refrigeration special museum 20 years

The Finnish Museum of Refrigeration celebrates its 20th birthday in 2006. The "grand old man and refrigeration specialist", Dr. in Technology h.c. Paavo V. Suominen founded the Museum in Ylöjärvi Finland in 1986. Dr. Suominen has collected old refrigeration machines, refrigerators and other refrigeration material since 1946. In the year 2004 the Museum was protected by a foundation and the history of refrigeration business was secured.

Festivities of the Museum were celebrated July 2nd 2006 in warm and sunny weather. This was a strong contrast to the opening festivities in February 21st 1986 when the weather was extremely cold.

The 20th birthday festivities were arranged at the estate of Härkilepo in Ylöjärvi and the worship took place at the Saint Mikael's Chapel which is owned by Dr. Suominen. In the chapel the chairman of the foundation, Matti Jokela, spoke about the economy of the Museum among other things - on the long range the economy of the Museon depends of the charity of the donators. The Museum remembered four important associates of the Museum - Huurre Group, Tampere University of Technology, City of Ylöjärvi, the Finnish Refrigeration Enterprises Association (FREA) and The Finnish Society of Refrigeration - with an elegant prize called "melting of the ice".

In the future the Museum aims to become well known in the area of refrigeration business and also for regular consumers. The collection of the Museum is growing all the time and at the moment the Museum is looking for the literary material of the refrigeration business - meaning plans, pictures and manuals. Museum is also planning to publish a small history about the Museum in which there will be interviews of long term workers from different areas of refrigeration business.

The Finnish Museum of Refrigeration and Saint Mikael's Chapel form together an interesting sightseeing combination. It is possible to rent the Chapel and the Museum for different kinds of happenings both in family and business purposes. More information and prevailing issues can be found in the internet at

The Finnish Museum of Refrigeration want's to thank its associates and those who have remembered the Museum by supporting the development of the museum activity.



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